9 How to Use This Guide — A Tour of a Marina Report SEVENTH EDITION GUIDE TO MARINAS INTRODUCTION A Tour of a Marina Report Top Section: Facts, facts and more facts, including VHF channels, phone numbers, email / web site addresses, number of slips, moorings, power options (rates for all), and much more. The format of this section is identical for every Marina Report for easy reference and comparison. Middle Section: What's available, where and how to find it. Marine Services & Boat Supplies, Boatyard Services (including rates), Restaurants and Accomodations, Recreation and Entertainment, Provisioning and General Services, Transportation and Medical Services classified by distance — On-Site, Nearby, Within 1 mile, 1-3 miles or distance beyond 3 miles. Names, phone numbers, price ranges, and more. Photos: One for each marina in the printed Marina Report, up to 25 in full color on the enclosed DVD and on the website. Most were taken by ACC personnel during periodic visits. They are intended to provide a noncommercial, visual sense of each facility. Ratings: Bells (1 – 5) reflect the quality of on-site marina facilities plus location, recreation, dining, lodgings, etc. Travelifts (1 - 2) indicate the extent of the boatyard services. MegaYachts (1 - 2) describe a marina’s capacity for accommodating vessels 100 feet and larger. A Sunset denotes a place with Special Appeal — be it unique, beautiful, culturally interesting, unspoiled, a maritime center, a major attraction or in the heart of the town or city. Marina Name: The full name is included in the vertical blue stripe and a 32-character name appears Sub-Regions: Each volume includes 16-22 sub- regions. Marina Reports are ordered North to South, mouth to source (except for Florida’s West Coast which is South to North) Photos on DVD: Indicates the number of photos of this facility that are on the DVD. Harbor: Harbor or body of water on which the marina resides including a river, creek, bay or sound. Bottom Section: The "Setting" commentary portrays a sense of the marina’s surroundings and location. “Marina Notes” provides important and useful facts about the marina and its operations that may not have been covered in either of the earlier sections. “Notable” addresses what is special, unique or noteworthy about this facility or its immediate environs — from special events or services, nearby attractions to interesting side trips and/or local lore. Icons: Ten icons denote Fuel, Pump-out, Certified Clean Marinas, Internet/WI-FI, Restaurant, Provisioning, Golf, Swimming, Catamaran Dockage & SportFish Focus Intracoastal (ICW) Mile Marker under the photos.