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ACC's Guide to New England & Canadian Maritime Marinas - About the Authors & Contributors

Beth Adams-Smith

Beth and her husband, Richard, have been cruising the U.S. East Coast for several decades; other cruising adventures have taken them to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean’s Leeward and Windward Islands, Tahiti and the Society Islands, Pacific Northwest, Whitsunday Islands, Tonga, Baja, Belize and numerous cruising grounds throughout the Mediterranean – including Corsica, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. Along the way, they’ve visited more than 2,500 marinas on North America’s East and West coasts as cruisers, authors and editors, including the marinas in this Guide.

The primary writer/editor of the Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to Marinas, Beth is also a digital media producer and has spearheaded the design and co-managed the development of Jerawyn Publishing’s proprietary Datastract™ database management and digital publishing software starting with the first iteration in 1997 — including a library of over 30,000 nautical and travel images. She is also honchoing the redesign, rebuild, and on-going development of the new The website has served boaters since 1999, and, despite numerous upgrades, needed a gut renovation to handle the enhanced marina search capabilities, massive photo files, and library of new content.

In addition to her work on the ACC Guides (this is her 8th volume!), Beth writes cruising, destination, green boating, and healthy living articles for print magazines and their websites and for, blogs as the "Wandering Mariner" focusing on holistic approaches to crew lifestyle and vessel management, cruising, destinations, waterborne and water-oriented travel and also blogs on — for travelers and boaters choosing a plant-based diet. She has produced numerous documentaries, multiple media, and database projects on holistic living, ecology, peacemaking, food, and complementary medicine. Beth holds a Doctorate in Technology and Media and a Masters in Health Education -— both from Columbia University, a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists & Authors, Society of American Travel Writers and Boating Writers International.

Contributing Writers
George Boase (Rhode Island)

George’s boating experience began at 5-years-old on the Illinois, Green, Mississippi and Missouri rivers. He moved to Michigan and to boating on the Great Lakes. A career change brought him to Rhode Island where his passion for sailing blossomed on Narragansett Bay where he also added blue water experience. For the past 27 years, he has been sailing the northeast coast of the US from Maine to Long Island.

George is a well-respected ghost-writer and specializes in POD books for both back-table sales and promotions as well as published books. He also works with corporate clients on mission statements, business plans, RFPs and other white papers as well as short, concise SEO content for travel, lodging and business reviews. He has just finished writing "Anchoring with Style made Plain and Simple," and, as a member of Boating Writers International, continues to write magazine articles on yachting and blogging on "" where the focus is on making yachting affordable for the average person. Currently George and his wife are preparing a new boat to begin life aboard and become full time cruisers in late 2011.

Peter Quandt (Massachusetts)

Peter is a lifelong sailor and power boater. Now primarily a Buzzards Bay sailor, he grew up sailing on Long Island’s Great South Bay and Long Island Sound. At 15, he built two of his first wooden sailboats, including the spars and all the rigging. Though primarily a sailboat racer, Peter does kick back occasionally to cruise the Caribbean‘s Windward Islands.

Though boating is primarily an avocation, he has worked in the marine industry as a sailing instructor and manager of the Bahamas site of Offshore Sailing School, as a sail-maker, and as a salesman for boats and marine equipment. He speaks multiple languages, thanks to various extended periods of his career spent in France and Italy, where he sailed out of Anzio. Peter has written for a wide variety of audiences, including Department of State testimony before Congress, intelligence analysis for the CIA and the Pentagon, as well as somewhat lighter material for boating magazines.

Brian Mehler (Southern Maine)

Brian grew up in Freeport spending a great deal of his time in and around the water. After graduating from Villanova, he was a freelance writer and photo journalist focusing on the Maine Coast (as well as India and Nepal) and provided invaluable local knowledge to the research and photography of the southern Maine chapters. He is now a Masters candidate in the department of Communication, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University.