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Become an Atlantic Cruising Club Reviewer
A passion for boating, a knowledge of a particular region, a love of learning and research, a need to "get it right," an ability to write well, a good comfort level with digital photography, computer savvy and an eye for detail are what the Atlantic Cruising Club looks for in potential reviewers.

There are a variety of ways that the ACC works with Reviewers:
  • Update one or more regions of an existing regional Guide
    • In Development: Long Island Sound
    • Next in line: Florida's East Coast, then Chesapeake Bay

  • Review all or part of a brand new Regional Guide
    • Northern Gulf Coast
    • Bahamas and Northwestern Caribbean
The Atlantic Cruising Club maintains a professional, supportive relationship with its author/reviewers, and provides reasonable compensation and significant training and assistance throughout the visiting, data gathering, research, and writing process. For a more complete understanding of the ACC Process, click here.

The ACC is also always looking for well-written articles, with photos, on cruises in an area covered by one of the Regional volumes - to post on this site.

If this sounds intriguing, please send your personal and boating resumes to Publisher Richard Y. Smith –