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This extremely comprehensive guide takes all the guesswork out of choosing a marina. You’ll know exactly what type of services and facilities they have and get an objective rating for them, including scenic beauty. It includes a DVD-ROM containing the same info plus a gazillion pictures and a versatile search function. Indispensable!
— Latitudes & Attitudes – The Cruising Lifestyle
The Atlantic Cruising Club has just published the seventh edition of its extensive Guides to Marinas, which will certainly become the bible for … cruisers.  Devoid of [marina] advertising and thus any possibility of the guide’s judgment being tainted by financial interests, the … book includes a searchable CD/DVD (for Windows only).

Each marina is given a full page, with ratings on everything from the number of travelifts to local scenery and a section that has information and phone numbers on any services or facilities a cruising yacht and her crew might need.  Every marina in the book has a photograph, with many more on the CD.  Nearly as indispensable as the boat itself, the entire series of ACC cruising guides is exemplary for completeness and objectivity.

— Blue Water Sailing
Best New Books: This hefty edition of Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to … Marinas should make heading ashore much less of a crapshoot.  No fewer than 230 marinas [in each volume] are rated with respect to their onsite marina facilities (recreation, lodging and so on), boatyard services and scenic beauty.  In addition to critical evaluations, each marina’s write-up includes information such as its number of slips, power options, rates, geographic coordinates, pet policy and handicap access – in short, everything anyone could possibly want to know. In an effort to ensure the objectivity of their ratings, reviewers paid for their own services and did not disclose the nature of their visits until after they made their assessments.  (Not every marina earns terrific marks, either.)  The book comes with a CD/DVD-ROM containing the same information (plus 1600 [-5000] photos) and a versatile search function.
— Yachting Magazine
Atlantic Cruising Club's Guides to Marinas could well have been titled Everything You Wanted to Know About  East Coast Marinas, but Were Afraid to Ask.   The extensively-researched marina reports lay out the navigation data, facilities info . . . and more in an easy-to-read, one-page-per-marina format.  The same comprehensive data is on the accompanying easy-to-use CD-ROM that features more than 100 search fields [and multi-layer maps] for very concise results.
— Southern Boating
The Guides offer encyclopedic detail about each marina, from depth and moorage fees to a description of the amenities. Additionally, they report on offerings at or near the marinas, including the availability of haulout and repair facilities, shopping, restaurants, medical services, and recreational opportunities. Finally, each marina is rated after a visit by club staff.  The Guides come with a CD/DVD version of the Marina Reports. Although the printed volumes are revised every two or three years, the club’s website provides regular updates and an opportunity for members to comment  “’We are boater-biased,’ explains Richard Smith, publisher of the Guides. ‘We are not ad driven, we accept no ads from marinas and there is no charge to be included.
— PassageMaker – The Trawler
This comprehensive survey covers 255 marinas and offer s information about every facility, from navigational coordinates and marina operations to listings for nearby groceries and restaurants. Morton noted that ‘Jerawyn Publishing takes no marina advertising for its guides, so every book represents the opinions of the authors. One or both of us visited each marina we wrote about [usually several times], and we completed a thorough report on each one, trying to include as many areas of interest to boaters as we could’.
— Florida Today – front page of “Life”
I love this new addition to the ability of CE. I have downloaded all the versions of ACC available and bought and installed the DVD for the Pacific North West. WOW.
— W.J.Faulkner, on Coastal Explorer Forum
Whether you need to tie on, plug in, pump out, or hunker down, this guide with steer you true.
— Curtis Rindlaub, co-author of the 14-year best-seller A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, 4th Editi
The new edition of the Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to Marinas is an invaluable resource for boaters on the move.  The comprehensive marina listings are well arranged for quick reference, and all the essential information is accompanied by abundant photos and an impressive range of nearby highlights for cruising folks. The CD-ROM version will be perfect for our event participants and others who plan extended cruises well ahead and wish to cross-reference marina listings with their particular requirements in mind.
— Steve Black, President, Cruising Rally Association, Organizer of the West Marine Bermuda Cup & Carib
… the Atlantic Cruising Club's Guides to Marinas.… Now in its seventh edition, the perfect-bound, 8.5" x 11" book  … includes 230 "Marina Reports" in a straightforward, standard format (one marina per page) with no advertising. It comes with a CD-ROM that includes a searchable database of all the marina reports, plus ‘up to nine full-color photographs of each facility.’ The whole package costs $25-33, and the Atlantic Cruising Club has plans to increase their coverage by leaps. This is a very good effort for a very good price. We'll look forward to the expanded coastal coverage.
— Practical Sailor & Powerboat Reports
As we headed nearly 2,500 nautical miles from Key West to the cold Atlantic waters of Canada, a frequent problem was trying to find somewhere safe for the night. Finding a restaurant or supermarket close by was repeatedly another challenge. An anxious time searching for facilities at dusk can quickly put a damper on an otherwise delightful day.

The Atlantic Cruising Club’s detailed guides completely solve these problems as you can plan moorage ahead. With its extensive lists of restaurants, stores, recreational facilities, entertainment, local transportation and invaluable practical comments you will know exactly where to go! Now you can explore further afield on vacation, or confidently leave the boat for extended periods along the way, or continue cruising long term as we did.  From Maine to Texas the indispensable information contained in these guides will ensure stress-free landfalls and fascinating adventures ashore.

— Liza Copeland -- Best-Selling Author of Cruising for Cowards, Comfortable Cruising, Just Cruising &
Expert help in choosing a marina:  If you’re not sure where to put in while traveling …, you might want to pick up Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides Marinas.  The guide looks at marinas and rates them with a one- to five-bell system.  A marina that earns a five-bell rating is a renowned facility worth a special trip. One bell means the facility meets the basic requirements for inclusion in the guide: ‘The marina comfortably accommodates vessels well over 25 feet in length, accepts overnight transients at docks or on moorings and generally has heads’.

Each marina merits one page with a photo, facts about the facilities and operations, how to find it, restaurants and accommodations, and provisioning and general services. A CD-ROM included with the book allows you to search for a marina by entering different search criteria including name, city, body of water, LOA or draft.  The [searchable] CD also offers more photos of each marina.

— Soundings
After hurricane-delayed research, a new guidebook for marinas along Florida's East Coast is now available.

Because PS gets calls from readers asking about chart books and guides all the time, we wanted to mention an addition to the Atlantic Cruising Club's set of marina guides, this one for Florida's East Coast. Delayed for [6 months] by the hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne (which rearranged a lot of docks), the new book required the ACC staff to revisit 95% of the 226 marinas excellently detailed in the book. (The ACC guides, four on the East Coast, one for the Pacific Northwest, include facilities that have transient docks for boats of 30' or longer.)  The ACC guides accept no [marina] advertising and come with CDs that include color photos. The guides currently available from ACC are for New England, Long Island Sound, the Pacific Northwest [soon], the Chesapeake Bay, and the one for Florida's East Coast.

— Practical Sailor
The Atlantic Cruising Club' Guides to Marinas provide an extraordinary amount of current, checked data of interest to SuperYacht crews and owners.  From a rating that describes that identifies Megayacht dockage and indicates the big yacht services available to hundreds of useful details - like provisioning resources, transportation options, medical care - including spas and massages. It's thorough and unique.

— Trident - MegaYacht News
AND, MOST IMPORTANT, AN EXAMPLE OF FEEDBACK FROM BOATERS:    “I was so pleased with the Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides Marinas.  We planned our two summer cruises using your guides.  How thoughtful of you to include not only the names of the marina owners and dockmasters, but also many often overlooked items.  These are truly the best cruising guides available at any price -- and we've given copies to our boating friends as gifts.
— Jay Scheiner, "SV Runaway," New York